A Shared Vision for London

A vision from the great, the good and the everyday citizens

About this project

London is renowned for its unique history, role and status in the world and is regularly ranked as a top city for being ‘globally engaged’. Cultural variety and activity, career opportunity, world-class higher education and an integrated blend of economic sectors and local communities are hallmarks of its recent success. However, there are also shared problems which people across all communities and sectors can recognise, but often self-interest is prioritised over common solutions. The Mayoral election presents an opportunity to focus our collective attention on defining more clearly what we want this great city to become.

Key questions

Can we make London liveable for all, not just the wealthy? How can London continue to be a beacon of prosperity and diversity to the world and not isolate itself from the rest of the country? Where is the shared narrative that we can rally around in order to live, work and create together most effectively? What might be holding us back, and who can we look to for new forms of leadership and community expression?


In advance of the 2016 London Mayoral elections, we crowdsourced our key themes in order to develop consensus from the great, the good and the everyday citizens on the challenges and opportunities for London. We put these questions to a panel of civil society leaders at an alternative hustings event in partnership with the St Paul’s Institute.

Further information

For details about this project contact caroline.macfarland@covi.org.uk

What does a shared vision for London look like?

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