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Our projects fall within four strategic programmes: Common Life, Common Work, Common Money and Common Nation.

Brexit Watch

How can the millennials participate in the politics and process of Brexit?

Family Learning in Local Communities

How can communities help foster an environment ripe for learning?

The Responsible Tax Lab

How can business and civil society work together to design and encourage a responsible tax system?

How can we tackle loneliness?

How can we support communities to combat loneliness at a national and local level?

A Generation Apart

Were younger people left behind by the EU referendum?

What impact does the EU have on our public services?

What benefits and drawbacks does our EU membership have in relation to the services we use in our everyday lives?

A Shared Vision for London

What does a shared vision for the great, the good and the everyday citizens London look like?

Responsible Tax for the Common Good

Is a consensus around responsible tax possible?

Diversified solutions to the housing market

What innovative approaches are being developed in the “missing middle” between state-provided and market-provided housing?

Healthcare in the age of the robot

How is ownership and responsibility of our healthcare futures enhanced through technological advances?