A Generation Apart

Were younger people left behind by the EU referendum?

About this project

It was one of the big stories to emerge in the wake of the EU referendum result: the gulf between how younger and older people voted. This research and analysis project looks at the decision making process of younger people in the EU referendum, from the drivers behind the attitudes of the “millennials”, to rationale for voting, and the extent to which the campaigns engaged the youth vote.

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Key questions

Why and how do differences generational attitudes emerge and what are the implications for the EU referendum? What factors are important to young people themselves? Are the campaigns relaying the right messages to engage the youth vote? Is the media covering the issues that matter to the millennials? And what lessons can be learned for future political engagement?


Our methodology included an overview of existing attitudinal studies, exclusive new polling with Opinium Research, sentiment and keyword analysis of the headlines of online media outlets most popular with
younger people, and an online poll of 1,028 Facebook users.


The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung is a non-profit German political foundation committed to the advancement of public policy issues in the spirit of the basic values of social democracy through research, education, and international cooperation.

Further information

For details about this project contact katy.owen@covi.org.uk

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