A Call to Action for the Common Good


In 2015, CoVi joined forces with a group of civil society leaders to launch a call for evidence for the common good.

We invited evidence, examples and ideas which demonstrate how common good practice can help tackle the biggest social challenges facing today’s society. Through the call for evidence, we built an inspiring and convincing national “story of hope” challenging some current assumptions about times of austerity.

This video animation produced by CoVi with CSV, Civil Exchange Locality, NAVCA and supported by the Carnegie UK Trust, outlines some of the key concepts which have shaped our thinking and ambitions. Although the country faces tough times as a result of austerity measures, we are at a turning point. After similar periods of national crisis, such as the second world war, strong leadership and shared social goals have helped rebuild a stronger society. This video asks, “what kind of nation do we want to build now”?

The call for evidence identified examples and ideas which are guided by one or more of the following four common good principles:

  • Collaboration: mutual value created through relationships between people and the commitments they make to each other in order to make a difference for wider society;
  • Institutions with a social purpose: organisations in all sectors should set out and follow a core purpose which truly serves society and respects the dignity of people;
  • An inclusive society: structures and systems which are fully inclusive, working for everyone including future generations, not just the greatest number or the favoured few;
  • Shared decision-making: everyone must be at the table when decisions are made which affect them, with no-one excluded, and estranged interests brought into dialogue for the sake of the common good.