BRING YOUR OWN BREXIT! Design workshop in Sheffield


Everyone’s talking about Brexit – but how can we actually ENGAGE people in the discussion? You are invited to a design workshop to discuss and design new, creative ways to get younger people involved in the Brexit debate – whether through community events, creative campaigns or online channels.

From the impact of Brexit on every day practical concerns about jobs, travel, and public services, to broader social and economic issues such as the environment, human rights and international trade, we want to discuss the priorities that matter to you, regardless of the way you voted in the referendum or whether you voted at all.

This event is held in collaboration with FES London, Sheffield Futures and Sheffield Youth Cabinet. It is one of a series of workshops to engage with millennials across the UK as part of think tank Common Vision’s #BREXITWATCH project. These discussions will feed into research and analysis on what young people want to see from the Brexit negotiations, and presented to the Government and other politicians and decision makers.

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The event is free to attend (with food provided) and open to any young person aged 16 to 30(ish).

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Co-hosted by Common Vision (CoVi) and FES London, with the support of Sheffield Futures and Sheffield Youth Cabinet.