Is there an emerging consensus on localised health and social care?


Participants Caroline Macfarland, Marc MacRitchie, Jamie Reed MP, Tony Armstrong, Tonia Flannagan, Donna Hall, Scott Darraugh, Martin Tod, Barbara Harbinson, Andy Cauldrick and Chris White MP
Partners Locality


Faced with increasing demand on our public services, how can we ensure the delivery of high quality services that are also value for money? Bringing together insightful contributions from a number of politicians, local authority leaders and public service delivery organisations, this video identifies an emerging consensus around how more local approaches to health and social care would increase the quality and design of service provision, produce better outcomes and reduce costs.

Community-led service providers discuss the added benefits of a local approach. Scott Darraugh, CEO of Social adVentures in Salford, makes the case for “higher quality, more productive services which are safer for the end user”, whilst Barbara Harbinson of Halifax Opportunities Trust notes the added value of that local services can provide, beyond the immediate scope of the contract.

Supported by Locality as part of their #KeepItLocal campaign, the video calls for smarter, more effective commissioning by local authorities. Andy Couldrick, Chief Executive of Wokingham Borough Council stresses the importance of a collaborative approach, working with service users and residents to deliver better outcomes, whilst Donna Hall, Chief Executive of Wigan Council notes the importance of taking an “asset-based approach to people”.

The video features further contributions from Tony Armstrong, Chief Executive of Locality; Jamie Reed MP; Mark McRitchie, Chief Executive of Community Central Hall; Tonia Flannagan, of St. Albans Community Association; Chris White MP; Martin Tod, of the Liberal Democrats; Caroline Macfarland, Director of CoVi; Andy Couldrick, Chief Executive of Wokingham Borough Council; Donna Hall, Chief Executive of Wigan Council; Scott Darraugh, CEO of Social adVentures; Barbara Harbinson of Halifax Opportunities Trust.

Ensuring we have public services that best serve the needs of individuals is key to building the foundations for resilient, healthy communities. Delivering personalised services that prioritise early action will help to empower and support communities, key themes which will be addressed in future as part of our Common Life programme.