Making the case for an independent press regulator



After the scrutiny of the Leveson Inquiry, it is clear that the press is in need of reform. We have been working with the IMPRESS Project to examine whether a new regulator, independent of the press and of media owners, would provide the means to strengthen the positive relationship between the press and the public.

The IMPRESS Project launched in 2014 with the support of some of Britain’s leading free speech campaigners. Building upon the recommendations in Leveson’s final report, their aim is to create a robust press regulator that is truly independent of politicians and newspaper owners and backed up by statutory incentives.

Narrated by Jonathan Heawood, Director of the IMPRESS Project, this video sets out the role of the press in our democracy, the changing nature of the relationship between the press and the public, and why independent regulation is necessary to ensure high standards of journalism. The press is at the heart of our democracy – how can we create a regulatory framework which protects the best in journalism and protects the public against the worst, without giving politicians any capacity to tell journalists what to say?

Our work over the coming months will include related projects on encouraging responsible institutions and civic engagement through the media through our Common Nation programme.