Millennials’ recommendations for the Brexit process



How could politicians build public confidence around Brexit? We asked millennials from Birmingham, Bristol and London, from whom we found resounding consensus around the need for politicians to engage and consult with their local communities on the Brexit process. “It’s not what the party leaders think. It’s not what the leaders of the country think. Ultimately, Brexit’s about the people of this country and that’s why they had a referendum on it in the first place,” says one participant.

Recommendations also include a formal vehicle for cross-party consensus around the negotiating priorities. A transparent and inclusive approach to Brexit will give us the best chance at negotiating a deal that benefits as many people as possible. And this deal should be subject to a public vote, open to 16 and 17 year olds.
These reflections and recommendations are the latest from Common Vision’s Brexit Watch project, which aims to build bridges between policy makers and young people around the politics and process of leaving the EU. Through the project we monitor public debate and key policy announcements on Brexit, scrutinise these according to young people’s values and priorities, and identify opportunities for young people to influence the decision making process on Brexit.