Women as leaders in town centres


Date July 2015
Participants Caroline Macfarland
Partners ATCM


This is an animated speech from CoVi’s director Caroline Macfarland, given at the Association of Town and City Managers’ summer school 2015. Speaking on the role of women as leaders in town centres, Caroline notes that women in leadership positions are no longer severely constrained by attitudes or barriers to access, but that to encourage diverse leadership in any sector requires growing and democratising the opportunities to become involved in “everyday leadership” roles.The video features a number real-life examples of women exercising their leadership potential in a range of entrepreneurial, community, civic and cultural ways that help make town centres better for everyone:
-LABELLED CIC- Gill and Marj run the Labelled Clothing Franchise and provide training and skills for young people.
-KITCHENETTE, London – Cynthia supports and mentors food entrepreneurs and helps them develop their business and gain access to investment and industry expertise.
-INCREDIBLE EDIBLE, Todmorden – Pam started a community food growing network utilising communal spaces and working with public bodies to improve public spaces.
– FESTIVAL OF DEBATE, Sheffield – Sara runs a monthly publication and has organised the Festival of Debate as part of a programme of civic dialogue bringing communities and political leaders together.
-WELL WOMEN CENTRE, Wakefield –Najeeda is a community organiser and works for the Well Woman Centre delivering health and wellbeing services in the local community with the aid of volunteers.
– EAST STREET ARTS, Leeds – Karen is the artistic director of East Streets Arts and works to develop artists through professional development and provision of studio space.
-CHANGIFY, London – Priya set up an app to allow for community based discussion and meet-ups and as a platform for proposing change.