If I were Chancellor…I would emphasise a clear, calm and controlled plan for uncertain times

George Bull considers what could be coming in the Autumn Statement around tax. What could the Chancellor do to support responsible tax behaviour?
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Our economic future depends on sound thinking on tax during Brexit

Stephen Herring argues that there are both opportunities and challenges for tax policy post-Brexit. We should look at our peers and enact the best rules.

We don’t need to leave the EU to reform tax – we can start now

Tim Law says that the UK does not need to leave the EU in order to reform the tax system - but either outcome presents challenges.

Millennials vote, the Single Market and immigration

Katy Owen discusses polls on how millennials will vote in the US election, if people prefer the Single Market or reducing immigration, and crisps packets.

How Theresa May could build “a country that works for everyone”

Binita Mehta-Parmar applauds Theresa May's aim to build a country that works for everyone and her focus on social justice.

Policymaking in the era of peak content

How can you make good decisions about the future of society and the economy in a noisy world? Despite what Michael Gove...
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Millennials, you matter! Good Money Week 2016

Karina Sidenius talks the importance of millennials to the investment world.

Interpreting Brexit, Lib Dems in opposition, homes for millennials

Katy Owen reviews the latest research insights on the Brexit process, unpicking the Lib Dem surge in Witney, and on pension policy changes.

What is the long-term impact of the generational divide in attitudes to Europe?

Is there a generational divide in attitudes to the UK’s role in the EU and related issues such as migration? How will it play out in the UK referendum?

Gen Y bother: is the EU referendum debate reaching the youth vote?

The youth vote may be decisive in determining whether Britain stays in the EU. Are young people engaged in the referendum campaign?