Call to Action

Roundtable: co-producing services for the common good

The theme of the second roundtable, which took place on Thursday 23rd July 2015, was ‘people-powered change’. We asked participants to comment on their experiences of working with the ‘assets’ of individuals and communities, as opposed to an assumption of their ‘deficits’.

Building the story of hope

By definition the common good is bigger that our individual selves, and belongs to no political party or faith or lobby group. It will be only what we all make it. The more people and organisations involved, the better it will be.

Welcome to a story of hope

Our aim is to build an inspiring and convincing national ‘story of hope’, challenging the current consensus, and based on our belief that we can only solve society’s big problems if we unlock the potential of people and institutions working together for the long term common good.

Roundtable: the future of charities and their purpose towards the common good

Call to Action for the Common Good’s development phase: Tuesday 21st July 2015 first roundtable

Roundtable: co-producing services for the common good

As part of the Call to Action for the Common Good’s development phase, we arranged two roundtables in July 2015.

Common good thinking

We all have a general sense of what the common good means. Something that ‘serves the common good’ is something that works well for all of us, isn’t it? Well yes, but that does raise a few tricky questions.

Common good places

We are all connected to our communities. To the places we grew up in, to the places we live in now, and of course to the people, our neighbours, who live around us.

Common good organisations

A good question to ask about the behaviour of any company, public body charity or any other institution is ‘does it contribute to the common good, or does it get in the way?’ Of course, many do both. That leads to the next question: ‘how can we shift institutional behaviour more in favour of the common good?’.

Common good services

We all make use of many different services during our lifetimes: health, social care, housing, sports and leisure, legal advice, the emergency services, and so on.

Common good systems

Many of the most vexed questions we face are about the ways our systems operate – the benefits system, immigration, the legal system, the banking system, taxation, for example.