Charity Videos

Charities working for the common good

In conversation with Joe Irvin, Jackie Rosenberg, Richard Jenkins, John Tizard and Kathy Evans.

Unleashing the potential of the sharing economy

Benita Matofska, Founder of Compare and Share, discusses the importance and benefits of the sharing economy.

Co-producing services beyond austerity

In conversation with Neil Berry, Cath Dillon, Mark Gamsu, Steve Hillman.

A Call to Action for the Common Good

A call for evidence of how common good practice can help tackle the biggest social challenges facing today’s society.

The case for an economy for the common good

Featuring Christian Felber, Ed Mayo, Jenny Sinclair and Jacob Von Uexkull.

What is an economy for the common good?

Christian Felber discusses how we could create an economy for the common good