Common Life

Family Learning in Local Communities

How can communities help foster an environment ripe for learning?

How can we tackle loneliness?

How can we support communities to combat loneliness at a national and local level?

Sophie Walker on a positive vision for London

In conversation with Sophie Walker

Women as leaders in town centres

A talk by Caroline Macfarland

Will digital solutions solve the health care crisis?

In conversation with Anthony Zacharzewski, Faiza Khan, George Freeman, John Fox, Lord Adebowale, Robin Vickers and Shaun O'Hanlon.

Sian Berry on a positive vision for London

In conversation with Sian Berry, Mayoral Candidate, Green Party

The future of digital healthcare

In conversation with George Freeman MP

How does the #EUIMPACT our health and wellbeing?

A talk by Craig Bennett, Professor Tamara Hervey, Lord Andrew Lansley and Jane Payling.

How does the #EUIMPACT our skills and education?

A talk by Lord David Willetts, Vivienne Stern, Dr Mike Galsworthy, Sir Peter Scott and Michael Hearty

What impact does the EU have on our public services?

What benefits and drawbacks does our EU membership have in relation to the services we use in our everyday lives?