Common Money

The Responsible Tax Lab

How can business and civil society work together to design and encourage a responsible tax system?

Millennials, you matter! Good Money Week 2016

Karina Sidenius talks the importance of millennials to the investment world.

Can we build the common good with money?

A talk by Professor Philip Booth

Finance Bill 2016: How will businesses approach new disclosure requirements?

Tim Law, Director of Engaged Consulting, shares his thoughts on the Finance Bill (2016) which will introduce measures to tackle multinational tax avoidance, including the need for businesses to publish a tax strategy.

Caroline Flint MP announces a ten minute rule bill on tax transparency

Caroline Flint MP, Member of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC)

Building a customer focussed energy

What does a customer focused energy market look like?

The Seven-Year Itch: Where are we now?

Promo - The Seven-Year Itch: Where are we now? A series of discussions with leading authors and commentators on how to ensure that economic recovery improves the lives and circumstances of everyone in society, not just those at the top.

Country-by-country reporting: a meaningful tool for challenging bad behaviour?

Christine Allen, Christian Aid; Vicki Bales, SAB Miller; Sara Jespersen, IBIS and Caroline Macfarland, CoVi discuss whether country-by-country reporting is a meaningful tool for challenging bad behaviour
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