We don’t need to leave the EU to reform tax – we can start now

Tim Law says that the UK does not need to leave the EU in order to reform the tax system - but either outcome presents challenges.

The EU vote was a missed opportunity for votes at 16 across the UK

Josiah Mortimer argues that we need to expand voter registration and educate young people about politics to encourage democratic renewal.

Is the EU referendum debate reaching its potential?

Hanna Nomm says that although the Brexit debate has been overwhelmingly negative, it has managed to get millennials and baby boomers involved.

A New Dawn for Millennial Politics?

Caroline Macfarland argues that Brexit might be the wake up call that millennials needed and that is it time for them to demand a new political shift.

How does language affect our relationship with the EU?

Ros Taylor explains the role of multilingualism in the Brexit debate, arguing that the UK does not embrace the EU's respect for linguistic diversity.

A generational divide?

Anothony Heath outlines main differences between generations in terms of their view of the EU. Overall, younger people tend to be pro-immigration and pro-EU.

The case for the EU and the future labour market

Martin Edobor argues the importance of Remaining in the European Union in order to remain competitive and to protect workers rights.

The politics of fear to the politics of aspiration: Changing the debate on Europe

Caroline Macfarland discusses the fearful and negative tone of debate surrounding the EU and how this affects the younger generation.