Tax Videos


Podcast: Tax and the Taylor Review

The Taylor Review examined a number of issues relating to new forms of work, self employment and the gig economy, highlighting some key inconsistencies between the tax system and employment practices.

Designing a responsible tax system beyond economic analysis

Heather Buckingham, Interim Director of Research and Policy, Church Urban Fund

What does user-friendly tax policy look like?

Phil Hall, Head of Public Affairs & Public Policy, AAT

Tax policy for the modern economy

Adam Jackson, Director of Public Affairs, Grand Thornton UK

Podcast: Tax competition in the Trump era

Coinciding with President Donald Trump’s 100 days in office, The Trump administration last week released a plan for a number of changes to the U.S. Tax Code.

Responsible tax policy requires effective scrutiny

Anneliese Dodds, MEP for the South East

Why is tax important for an industrial strategy?

Kate Bell, Head of Social and Economic Affairs, TUC

What does responsible tax policy making look like?

With the government launching its white paper on industrial strategy in January, and negotiations on Brexit likely to start over the next few weeks, changes in tax policy look increasingly likely.

Introducing the Responsible Tax Lab

Building bridges, analysing issues and encouraging understanding.

The UK’s role in leading long term change on tax

Saira O’Mallie, UK director at One Campaign, discusses the ways in which the UK government can lead changes in the global tax...
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