International summit on improving tax collection in developing countries

An international summit in partnership with Wilton Park, DFID, OECD, the Joffe Charitable Trust, and KPMG International.

Taxation: State, society or citizenship? A review of 2017

How does the tax system reflect public attitudes towards rights, responsibilities and obligations of the state, society and citizens? And whose responsibility...
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Responsible Tax: a “hygiene factor” or clear business benefit?

Whilst existing analysis to date has considered what the potential negative impacts or “risks” of irresponsible tax behaviour are, in general, responsible tax behaviour is viewed as a "hygiene factor" rather than something which is integrated within wider corporate strategy.

Launch event: The Responsible Tax Lab

A drinks reception to celebrate the launch of the Responsible Tax Lab

The Responsible Tax Lab

How can business and civil society work together to design and encourage a responsible tax system?
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Our economic future depends on sound thinking on tax during Brexit

Stephen Herring argues that there are both opportunities and challenges for tax policy post-Brexit. We should look at our peers and enact the best rules.

We don’t need to leave the EU to reform tax – we can start now

Tim Law says that the UK does not need to leave the EU in order to reform the tax system - but either outcome presents challenges.

Millennials, you matter! Good Money Week 2016

Karina Sidenius talks the importance of millennials to the investment world.

The Responsible Tax Big Tent

From morality, to international competition, transparency and the impact of tax on developing countries, the event explored ideas of responsible tax.