Responsible Tax for the Common Good

Is a consensus around responsible tax possible?

About this project

In October 2014 we commenced a project exploring the meaning and purpose of responsible tax for the common good. This project aimed to bring together different viewpoints and areas of expertise through a wide-ranging consultation with representatives from large and small businesses, trade group, NGOs, academics, government, politicians, campaigning groups, and media commentators, in order to demonstrate that moving the debate beyond “mountains and megaphones” is possible and there is potential for a “coalition of the willing” to work together on practical solutions in future.
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Over the course of 18 months we consulted a range of stakeholders, including representatives from business, NGOs, academia, media, government, and politicians. Activities included roundtable events, video interviews, bilateral discussions, and online engagement, as well as a review of recent literature, campaigns, and media coverage.


This project was supported and sponsored by KPMG in the UK, a leading provider of professional services who wanted to explore and set a new benchmark around responsible tax advice.

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Moving beyond mountains and megaphones

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In July 2015 we published an interim report summarising the key insights and reviewing the main issues which participants identified as being most contentious or difficult to navigate. These included the broad concepts such as morality and competition, to more practical concerns around transparency and risk. This paper, “Rebuilding a social compact on responsible tax“ also made a number of recommendations for practical next steps which various stakeholders could undertake.
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Google: Search me

Google’s settlement with HMRC is the latest highly contentious tax story in the news. The precise details of the settlement are unclear but looking at the information in the public domain, there are learning points for us all.
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The Responsible Tax Big Tent

In September 2015 we hosted the Responsible Tax Big Tent, welcoming over 100 participants to help shape the next stage of the project. The event programme was crowdsourced and co-designed by key stakeholders, who facilitated breakout workshops throughout the afternoon.
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